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Sustainability Challenge FAQ


Where can I find the schedule for the next Challenge?

  • Details including training and event scheduling will be posted soon.

Will the Challenge training sessions be presented live?

  • All training sessions and learning modules will be recorded for asynchronous and multiple viewing. The finale event happens live.

Will I participate on my own, or will there be group activities?

  • Students form teams of 4-6 students to compete in the challenge.

Will there be prizes?

  • Individual participants in the final round (4 teams) qualify for stipends, and prizes, after successfully meeting the Challenge requirements.

Tell me more about the prizes for the finale event

  • Prizes are awarded to the teams finishing in the top three positions in the Make Impact Sustainability Design Challenge finale.

How do I know if I can participate? 

  • Only students from Make Impact Consortium Schools are eligible to participate, as determined by their university’s rules and regulations.


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