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Make Impact Consortium Sustainability Design Challenge

The Make Impact Consortium
Sustainability Design Challenge

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Challenge Dates: 30 March 2022 – 12 May 2022

Challenge Theme

This challenge will begin on Wednesday, 30 March 2022 and run six weeks until 12 May 2022. It is open to all current Make Impact Consortium students!

The theme for this challenge will be sustainability. We’re asking Make Impact Consortium school students, on campuses around the world, to find ways to apply the UN Sustainable Development Goals to problems and opportunities they see on their campuses. Teams of 4-6 students will design a device that helps address a local sustainability problem related to clean energy, clean water usage/access or product lifecycle

The Make Impact Challenge provides opportunities for students to work in a global context to share, learn, and inspire one another. And participant students will Make Impact on their campuses.


  • This will be a 6 week challenge
  • Dates: 30 March 2022 – 12 May 2022.
  • Open to all Make Impact Consortium students
  • 4-6 students per team
  • 4 teams will make the final round
  • Prizes and Stipends for the four final round teams only, but all teams will gain valuable experience moving a design idea forward
  • All participants will receive a certificate for completing Round 1
  • Expect to spend at least 4-5 hours a week during the final weeks of the Challenge working as a team and individually
  • Plan to work with Fusion and Matlab


Prizes will be awarded to the top three teams in the Second Round.

1st Place: $3,000 USD

2nd Place: $1,500 USD

3rd Place: $500 USD

How The Challenge Works

Watch videos from prior Make Impact Design Challenges to appreciate the fun, and challenge, ahead.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.


Contact makeimpact@mit.edu with any questions!

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