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Sustainability Design Challenge Honorarium Distribution Info

IMPORTANT: Look up the below information from your bank, or ask them for it. Most banks will publish the information needed to send an international wire transfer to an account at the bank. But if you are not sure, please contact your bank and confirm the information BEFORE submitting the form to avoid problems and delays receiving your honorarium!

A reminder that the US will collect taxes on international honoraria before the wire transfer is sent to your bank, so the amount you receive will already have US tax deducted from it.

ABOUT YOUR DATA: We will store this information securely in our database ONLY UNTIL your honorarium has been successfully wired to your bank account. At that time we will securely delete all copies of this information. We encourage you to let us know via a quick email to makeimpact-help@mit.edu once you receive your honorarium. If we don’t hear from you, we will assume you received it. If you later let us know about problems with the wire transfer, we may need to ask you for this information again.

Your Information

Make sure you enter your name here exactly as it appears on your bank account.
Use your home address or whatever address your bank has on file for you. Your bank will use this information to confirm you as the recipient of the wire transfer.
Use your citizenship as known to your bank. Your bank will use this information to confirm you as the recipient of the wire transfer. (If you have dual citizenship, make sure you list the one your bank knows about.)

Your Banking Information

The information below is specific to your bank for receiving international wire transfers. You should contact your bank, tell them you need to receive an international wire transfer from the US, and ask them for all the necessary information. If they ask you for things not on this form, please let us know at makeimpact-help@mit.edu.
Enter the name of your bank exactly as it appears on your statement.
Full address, including country and any needed post code, of your bank. Use the address of your branch unless your bank uses a central address for money transfers.
Your account number at your bank. This is the account the wire transfer will be sent to.
Your bank will have a SWIFT code for international wire transfers.
Your bank will have an International Banking Account Number. The first part of this number will be specific to your bank. The last part will be your account number. Enter the full IBAN number here.

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