MathWorks® COVID-19 Design Challenge

Challenge: The Make Impact Consortium is hosting a collaborative MathWorks® COVID-19 Design Challenge to engage its students in entrepreneurship through community building and social awareness. Student teams will design, model and CAD solutions around the theme of reopening during COVID-19. Our Sponsors: Diamond Level Silver Level Silver Level Bronze Level Trainings: Exploring Business Opportunities with Laurie Stach Introduction to MATLAB with Neha Sardesai (MathWorks) Introduction to Simulink with Neha Sardesai (MathWorks) AUTODESK: Parametric Modeling with Gaby Waldman-Fried AUTODESK: Assembly Modeling with Gaby Waldman-Fried AUTODESK: Sculpting and Surface Modeling (to Fusion Teams) with Gaby Waldman-Fried Presentation Skills with Conor McArdle Teams: … Continue reading MathWorks® COVID-19 Design Challenge